Rated PVP adds new clothing and title Allods Online

This season has already begun and Allods Online players hackers and cut through the latest game update their ways and new rated PvP. “Thunder victory,” updated Wrath new wizard, the next chapter of “Ferris” raid adventure, and heroes arena adds.

Three or six teams of three against each other off the map one square rated battle. Each map has a different layout, players are encouraged to try different strategies on each map. Players will be assigned an individual rating based on their use in battle every game matchmaking tool performance and try to establish a combat these ratings similarly rated teams. Since only 65 players can battle part though, be careful, if you find yourself matched up against a much weaker team. They lost a great affect your grade.

You will not have, though in battle do not worry about what the point once. Simply destroy the other team, you win. If the 20 minutes passes and a team has not been defeated in the game is a draw. Champions League will get new clothes and games free play MMORPG.

Watch These Banned MMO Cheaters Beg for Forgiveness

Cheaters in online games are such a prevalent problem, that even games that haven’t been officially released yet are already infested with them.

H1Z1, a massively multiplayer online game set in a zombie apocalypse which is still in early alpha, suffers from a severe cheating problem, which it recently elevated by banning about 30,000 offending players.

However, John Smedley, the president of developer Daybreak Game Company (which was called Sony Online Entertainment before Sony sold it off earlier this year), decided to raise awareness for gaming’s cheating problem by pardoning a few players and letting them back in the game if they posted videos in which they begged for forgiveness.

You can watch one of the groveling videos above, in which the player admits to using a cheat called ESP (extrasensory perception). The cheat, which is one of the hardest for developers to identify and prevent, highlights other players in the environment, even through walls, which gives the cheater a huge advantage.

Smedley has been posting more deliciously pathetic apology videos to his Twitter, and they’ll give you a nice schadenfreude buzz, especially if you’ve ever been harassed by cheaters online.

Cheaters can always get back in the game by buying another copy for $20 and opening a new account, but they’re not only losing money that way, they’re also losing the untold number of hours they put into their existing character.

So far, Smedley has pardoned five players, and it doesn’t sound like he’s willing to extend his mercy any further.


I am a crazy dreamer which I’ve always attributed to my rampant imagination. I dream very vivid dreams on most nights, in stark contrast to my partner who never ever dreams and if he does, he never remembers. I, on the other hand remember lots of things although on average memory is at its freshest right after waking up and then fades miraculously soon after. It’s only ever the most impressive, horrible or delightful dreams that stick with me longterm and honestly this dream business is as much a blessing as a curse at times. Dark dreams can overshadow my mood for the entire day to come – not very pleasant! On the other hand, nothing beats being woken up by your own laughter (and creeping out whoever may be in close proximity). I don’t place much meaning on dreams though; I’ve always interpreted them as “brain doing a clean-out or re-arranging furniture”. I’ve definitely had dreams in the past which were a direct consequence of intense experiences or stressful times, still dreams are ripples on the surface of our subconscious at best, without any indication of what’s to come. I believe as little in oneiromancy as in palm reading. Did you know that’s a word?

Anyway, it so happens that I’ve had one of the most fantastic gamer dreams ever only two nights ago and I’m still thinking about it. I’m having lots of cool gaming-related dreams of late, it must be a lucky streak! That particular one was so geeky and epic however, I just have to share it on this sunny Monday morning! Most people would give me funny looks over this but I feel this blog is a safe place to tell the tale.

“The Ultimate Escapism”

So, I am standing on the balcony of my apartment which happens to be a different apartment, but then dreams never seem to care for this type of accuracy. It’s a sunny day and I am looking down on the green lawn below. Suddenly, this tall and bulky male Troll warrior in full battle armor materializes out of thin air; he is lying on the grass quite relaxed, staring up at me. He is also an ingame character (as in WoW cartoon while me and the rest of the world are still erm photo-realistic). He’s winking at me while I’m trying to catch up with my brain. Next thing a shiny sword starts materializing beside him, followed by a Draenei, this time a woman, grasping it. Apparently they’re here to fetch me. And I’m late.

This is where the dream “zones” or makes a cut, or maybe I just don’t remember how I left the balcony. I’m now in company of these two mysterious figures leading me to a WoW style city, where numerous other game characters are fighting and training and basically doing MMO THINGS as I’m given a tour around. I end up being introduced to a cheerful troll girl with pink hair (she actually had a haircut that exists in the game…and tusks) who takes me to the inn. She had a name too but I’ve lost it.

Troll girl introduces me to her girlfriends at the inn and they’re talking about fashion (…). Apparently there’s a party later on and I’m not dressed for the occasion. Worse: I am still no cartoon figure! Immediately I’m taken to this lake where – wait for it – there’s a sort of fishing mini-game going on with small rafts. I have to compete against 7 other players and win the thing by collecting most items from the water.

And so I do! Victorious, I head back to the lobby (or whatever it was) and grab the reward sitting on a table. It’s a fairly lackluster cardboard box really and when I open it, there are several cockroaches swarming out (which I interpret as tokens for the losers). What’s left is a grey bushy tail.

(I’m not kidding! First I thought it was weird but then I remembered this…….)

The tail looks more like a short brush and is made of some cloth fabric (rather than real tail thank god). I’m supposed to eat it to complete the transformation to cartoon Syl. As I start chewing on the thing, the troll warrior from the beginning is back cheering at me. I’m still trying to gulp down what’s left, feeling strangely warm inside.

…And that’s when our neighbor from downstairs (I hate these people) rang at the door, waking me up. It’s SO cliché yet it’s nothing but the truth. And I never got to know what else would’ve happened in that strange dream land after becoming a WoW character, DOH! I went back and tried but re-connecting to dreams is virtually impossible. /sadface

Oh well. It was a wonderful dream nonetheless, a gamer’s dream. One that I got to share with you. Happy Monday everybody – and hang on to those dreams of yours!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Demo Confirmed


PlayStation 4 owners everywhere were disappointed when Sony announced that their biggest game of the year, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, was delayed to Spring 2016. Sony realized that they still needed Nathan Drake and the Uncharted series on PS4 in 2015 in some form or another, and so they announced Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for release this October.

Some feel that Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is little more than yet another cash grab remaster, but Sony is confident that the collection is bringing enough to the table to warrant picking it up, whether one is looking to relive Drake’s adventures or missed out on them when they originally released for PlayStation 3. For those still on the fence about The Nathan Drake Collection, they will now have a chance to try before they buy.

Sony has announced that Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will have a playable demo released on the PlayStation Store “later this summer.” Considering the fact that the summer is almost over, one has to assume that the demo for The Nathan Drake Collection will drop at some point in August, but Sony has yet to offer a release month, let alone a solid date for when the demo will be available.

The reveal trailer for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection did a good job of getting fans hyped for a chance to experience the original Uncharted trilogy in a remastered format. The game will collect the PS3 games Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception into a single package, with remastered visuals to take advantage of the extra horsepower of the PS4.

The demo will hopefully be a quality showcase of the collection’s upgraded graphics as well as the new content that it’s bringing to the table. While the games are mostly untouched from a gameplay perspective, studio Bluepoint Games are making some tweaks here and there, such as axing the motion controls and adding a new Brutal difficulty setting.

Unfortunately, while Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection does boast improved visuals and an extra difficulty setting to entice veterans of the franchise to return, it’s also dropping a major feature of Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3. For one reason or another, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will not have multiplayer.

One possible reason as to why The Nathan Drake Collection has dropped the multiplayer component is because the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will have multiplayer itself, from the team behind The Last of Us, and Sony doesn’t want to risk dividing the community between two games. Still, it’s disappointing that the multiplayer from the previous games won’t survive the transition to PS4, but at least Sony is giving fans a chance to try The Nathan Drake Collection in the demo that will be made available this summer before they commit to buying it.


Back on Argent Dawn

A number of my friends have decided to wander back to World of Warcraft for a while, there’s no telling how long it may last but I decided to join them for at least a month and see how it goes. I’ve been playing WoW for just as long as I have played EQ2, but I tend to take much more frequent breaks because I typically find the content and community lacking. Now it seems like a good portion of my friends all play on Argent Dawn, and this could be the temptation I need to keep me playing for longer than a month straight.

I last played March of this year, so things have changed. My ilevel is well below the current acceptance, and there are many scenario I’ve never completed before (or even seen before). In other words there is LOTS to do. My first course of action (I believe) is to head to the Timeless Isle. I’ll see where I go from there.

I have also missed the pet battles, and lets be honest, playing Hearthstone does install me with a bit of nostalgia. With BlizzCon out of the way and juicy details about the next expansion being released, it just brought about the feeling that maybe I should play again for a while. We’ll just have to see how long it lasts.

World of Warcraft to award instant level 90 characters with Warlords of Draenor pre-purchase


It’s easy to kind of get stuck in the pre-expansion doldrums in World of Warcraft right now. Yes, you really want to have one more character up at the level cap, but you can’t bear the thought of leveling any more. WOW power leveling. So what are you going to do? Well… you could just pre-purchase the expansion and get your instant level 90 character immediately, thereby saving you any more work leveling through the expansion and letting you just catch up a bit before its launch. All right, you can’t do all of that right now, but the development team has confirmed that digitally pre-purchasing the expansion will give you your instant 90… instantly. No word yet on launch dates, but players can opt in for the beta testing right now via the Battle.net account management page. The company is also testing the idea of adding in the level 90 boost to the game’s store, allowing you to bring as many characters as you want up to the cap without any fuss.

Xbox Live, ‘World of Warcraft’ targeted by CIA, NSA counterterrorist investigations


Microsoft’s Xbox Live, Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, and Linden Labs’ Second Life have all been targeted by American and British counterterrorist units for surveillance, as newly released classified documents from former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden reveal (via ProPublica). The move is a response to concerns that these gaming-centric social networks could serve as gathering places for criminal or terrorist activities. The surveillance process sees operatives creating accounts and interacting in the various social spaces, with the goal of gathering data, recording communications there, and even recruiting informants. The justification: gamers and militants both use fake identities, voice and text chat, and online storefronts that allow for person-to-personal financial transactions, so there’s a worry that those with ill intent might be taking advantage of those features offered in publicly available gaming services. Despite the potential for terrorist activity in online gaming, all of this appears to fall into the realm of speculation. Counterterrorism analysts recognize the threat in these virtual spaces, but in reality, there have been no documented successes with ongoing surveillance efforts. What’s more, a collection of people including former American intelligence operatives, gaming company employees, and outside experts all note that there’s little evidence of terrorist organizations using gaming networks to hatch plots. Ultimately, these surveillance efforts nod back to the ongoing privacy concerns of the average citizen. There’s a line that must be drawn somewhere in any effort to ensure public safety, and the apparent absence of any tangible returns on gaming network surveillance suggests that we’ve strayed too far into the realm of privacy invasion. Microsoft declined ProPublica’s request for comment, and Linden Labs didn’t respond to the same request. buy Power Leveling. A Blizzard spokesperson said, “We are unaware of any surveillance taking place. If it was, it would have been done without our knowledge or permission.”

Confidence Helps us to Look into Occasions Inside RS Gold


Obviously, I want the majority of us to live extremely content lives in RS Gold. Nonetheless when poor points occur, as they might to the vast majority of us, we need to dont forget to think about an agathistic strategy. We live inside the culture where we appear to patronise that old within the identical manner we fairly frequently do the youthful. Seniors seem to be put on the actual discard pile right after they retire Runescape Gold, or even frowned upon once they carry on Runescape.

Creativeness often calls for that we learn a brand new RS Gold: the way to play a guitar, how you can fresh paint, or even how it is possible to shape. So when all of us find out further abilities, this particular typically enhances our psychology in a lot of strategies.Understanding new things keeps our brains energetic, sharp, and versatile. When we quit understanding new points, often times our brains energy will commence to diminish, like if you cease operating away a muscle mass.Furthermore, understanding a brand new capacity boosts the self-esteem. When we finally find out to play the quite initial tune upon acoustic guitar, we feel Wow, I discovered to do a thing pretty darn awesome of Cheap Runescape Gold.

Confidence helps us to look into occasions inside RS Gold, much better way. However, the possibility of being optimistic is the fact that we often dont adequately deal with our emotions. When the leased automobile was wrecked, naturally I felt disappointed or even a modest angry! I did not wish to invest the money to be set, but thats exactly what had to take place. I allowed personally to feel upset, but I didnt let personally take away my aggravation upon my spouse; rather, I dealt with my feelings too as realized that I had to enable go of any residual negativity.In the event you make studying a component Runescape of ones life, you are specific to see the benefits. Working on an vital objective and choosing out solutions to possible obstacles finding Runescape Gold in the clear way of ones ultimate goal could be uplifting.

The Burly Big Battle Bear

Big Battle BearThis mount is obtained from The Red Bearon loot card which is part of the Drums of War Expansion Set.

The Big Battle Bear is a no-nonsense bear with a saddle. He’s not all armored up and he doesn’t wear goggles, unlike most of the other bear mounts in WoW. Big Battle Bear is very dark, being mostly black with hints of dark purple. This is a very nice looking bear mount.

The Big Battle Bear is a very fast ground mount, requiring level 20 and Apprentice Riding.

Big Battle Bear can be sold or traded in-game. Average auction house buyout price for this crazy cool ground mount is around 140,000 Gold.