Neverwinter: Elemental Evil Xbox Live in a

Neverwinter an extension of the Xbox, the PC version has brought four expansion pack to Xbox version is now live. Players can now log into the game and began to work the way, 70 now. In addition, players can begin Oathbound Paladin road, devotion to choose between the spirit and the protection path. Maybe they want to participate in the new open world PvP zone set in Icewind Dale.

There are many in this update, it is now 4 Expansion unite into one, after all! A complete list of changes can be found at and I’ve included the above trailer.

Increase the level cap from 60 to 70 of
Oathbound Paladin class has two playable model way – the dedication of the oath and the oath protection
Eight new adventure area
Open world, players and the players battle iconic Icewind Dale
At the same time the field of players, including four pieces ring Sharandar and fear campaign
Dungeon two adventurers place against king Malabog and Valindra Shadowmantle
Minsc and boos added element of adventure against the evil cult struggle
Three new epic skirmishes
Increase the quality of the upper limit of the companion from the epic saga
Highest level increase for all industries

Fertile soil Raiders received “frontier siege” mode, a new chapter

Fertile ground for social action RPG spin-off, the fertile soil of the Raiders, is set to receive a new major update later this week. Game publisher, Gumi, in a press release announced that the update will add a new “Frontier Fortress Besieged” mode. In this mode, players will use their “already powerful units”, through increasingly powerful fertile ground for all kinds of iconic wildlife groups, such as gobballs and wabbits fighting. Several boss will be included, as well. While this may sound tough, players are allowed to treatment and recovery units between stages. The winning players in the completion of these trials will unlock a unique character and other senior reward success.

It felt…marvelous. It was only with the boy’s passing that Arthas truly realized how dreadful a burden this last struggling scrap of humanity had been. He felt light, powerful, purged. Scoured clean, as Azeroth would soon be. All his weakness, his softness, everything that had ever made him hesitate or second- guess himself—it was all gone, now.

In addition to this major update, most recent update has seen the inclusion of “players need to function” like the leaderboards and friend referral system. Story chapters 7 and 8 also recently joined. In these chapters, players get to visit the island and the Kingdom of Whispering Sadida.

Rated PVP adds new clothing and title Allods Online

This season has already begun and Allods Online players hackers and cut through the latest game update their ways and new rated PvP. “Thunder victory,” updated Wrath new wizard, the next chapter of “Ferris” raid adventure, and heroes arena adds.

Three or six teams of three against each other off the map one square rated battle. Each map has a different layout, players are encouraged to try different strategies on each map. Players will be assigned an individual rating based on their use in battle every game matchmaking tool performance and try to establish a combat these ratings similarly rated teams. Since only 65 players can battle part though, be careful, if you find yourself matched up against a much weaker team. They lost a great affect your grade.

You will not have, though in battle do not worry about what the point once. Simply destroy the other team, you win. If the 20 minutes passes and a team has not been defeated in the game is a draw. Champions League will get new clothes and games free play MMORPG.

Other road ahead to get hours away


Other road closed again, again, free to play MMORPG, will lead to a steaming pot from Drago Entertainment, in less than two hours delayed the launch of the early use of a few weeks later (1:00 Eastern time). Although the game will be free when it starts to play, really need to purchase Early Access Founder of the package. Package range from $ 19.99 $ 49.99 Package received a private gaming area the cheapest, you can visit was to pay tribute to a special novel inspired game quest line. After the early access beginning, this task will not be provided to a month or so. No word yet on whether this task will be available to other players at a later time.

Other land has a science fiction world with four classes; warrior, assassin, archer, and Energizer. The fight was the various actions requires the player to the correct target of attack, if they want to score hits. A key feature of the game is the eDNA features. Players must be extracted from the animal world eDNA farming materials to build the game system (which allows the creation of cosmetic gear), and to create more clones to protect your character’s house when you are not playing games.

The game stand it? Be sure to check back tomorrow morning we take a look at the video. Until then, you can check out other land site for more details.

SWTOR Jedi and Sith change profile expansion Samurai

There is a friendly PSA Star Wars: The Old Republic players: Do not become a fallen knight imperial expansion coming, you ignored, each class received a significant change in the fact that the big ticket game update function, so consumption of 4.0 hit this year October.

Jedi and Sith Warrior class change blog today, highlighting the theme of new skills: “We want to increase the liquidity of these powerful combatants, to enable them to realize their full potential on the battlefield, and let them more difficult to kite new Knight / warrior Ability – sword Blitz / bolted – emphasize the design intent, and Knight / warrior players will find that they are more easily stay in the target in the battle, but. ”

Shireen gave a cry of delight. Even Cressen had to admit the bird made an impressive sight, white as snow and larger than any hawk, with the bright black eyes that meant it was no mere albino, but a truebred white raven of the Citadel. Here, he called. The raven spread its wings, leapt into the air, and flapped noisily across the room to land on the table beside him.
Speaking of Sith warriors, BioWare released the case type personal stories, players spoiler laden Summary To create an instant stage 60 to extend. We said that it has a lot of spoilers? Because it is exactly the same.

Breakfast Topic: How to fight a holding pattern

To be honest, I found it hard to care about Delano warlord now. I think a lot of things, always in the game. I timewalking a huge fan, I enjoyed Tanaan, but now I’m really stuck in the “I want Legion” mentality. I have successfully passed a number of targets to fight this to some extent.

Shireen was unconvinced. “What about the thing in the sky? Dalla and Matrice were talking by the well, and Dalla said she
heard the red woman tell Mother that it was dragonsbreath. If the dragons are breathing, doesn’t that mean they are coming to
First of all, I would like to get some of my lower level alts to at least 90 before the next piece of information. I like leveling the god of war, so I do not think I would mind doing the 20 level to the largest corps, I’m just tired grind between incredible 60 to 90, I do not mind any Accordingly 1~60, so fine, but get 90 hunters and druids feel like I can take some time.

Then transmog endless pursuit. There are things that I must be on the corps, down from the Black Temple and Sunwell has evaded me for years.

However, according to Warlords itself, I feel very with it. Seen attacks like the content, but eager to move on. So, I’ll throw it to you. Do you have trouble with waiting for? What are doing to alleviate it?


This post is the first in a two-part series for Blaugust 2015. Check out tomorrow’s sequel on “MMOs we don’t like but never played”!

The trouble with MMORPGs is that player engagement tends to be mutually exclusive of other titles. Many of us cannot or do not want to invest in more than one MMO longterm nor do we wish to pay for several subscriptions simultaneously. I have found a mixture of one sub-MMO and one b2p/f2p-MMO to be quite enjoyable in the past, especially when two titles really complement each other well but truthfully, I still long to immerse myself as much as possible into that one game.

That also means sooner or later, we have to leave some MMOs behind and they’re not always games we disliked or got bored of. Sometimes our timing just wasn’t right and we were late to the party. Sometimes we miss the community from other MMOs or we just can’t put up with a single but essential aspect, such as the graphics.

My absolute favorite MMORPG that I am not playing anymore is LOTRO. In fact, I would go as far as naming LOTRO among my top 5 MMOs of all time. Possibly even top 3. I came late to LOTRO in 2013, joining the inofficial EU RP server Laurelin. I stuck to it for about 6 months, joined a fellowship, did all the content up to Moria and the dreaded mid-40ies EXP grind. The world blew my mind and remains one of my favorite virtual places to this day. For all its flaws and oldschoolness, LOTRO excels in immersion, world building/feeling and travel, one of the most precious and precarious things to capture in MMOs.

I’ve written about the music and sound effects as part of this accomplishment as well as the significance of scale or realistic armor design. It’s the subtle things that create immersion in MMOs. Other than that, Middle-Earth is just one heck of a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the turning of the seasons (between zones) and the fading light at dusk.

In the end I felt lonely; after leaving my longtime WoW community, I was unable to reconnect with people in my subsequent MMO attempts. LOTRO is not the most beginner-friendly game either. Soon I was overwhelmed by different types of grind while also really disliking the slow, stationary combat.

But I will never forget my time playing and listening to music in the Prancing Pony, the claustrophobia of the Old Forest before finding Tom Bombadil or the sound of my horse’s clippity clop over Bree’s merry cobblestrone streets. Some moments in MMOs are forever, no matter if we stick with a game or not.

Watch These Banned MMO Cheaters Beg for Forgiveness

Cheaters in online games are such a prevalent problem, that even games that haven’t been officially released yet are already infested with them.

H1Z1, a massively multiplayer online game set in a zombie apocalypse which is still in early alpha, suffers from a severe cheating problem, which it recently elevated by banning about 30,000 offending players.

However, John Smedley, the president of developer Daybreak Game Company (which was called Sony Online Entertainment before Sony sold it off earlier this year), decided to raise awareness for gaming’s cheating problem by pardoning a few players and letting them back in the game if they posted videos in which they begged for forgiveness.

You can watch one of the groveling videos above, in which the player admits to using a cheat called ESP (extrasensory perception). The cheat, which is one of the hardest for developers to identify and prevent, highlights other players in the environment, even through walls, which gives the cheater a huge advantage.

Smedley has been posting more deliciously pathetic apology videos to his Twitter, and they’ll give you a nice schadenfreude buzz, especially if you’ve ever been harassed by cheaters online.

Cheaters can always get back in the game by buying another copy for $20 and opening a new account, but they’re not only losing money that way, they’re also losing the untold number of hours they put into their existing character.

So far, Smedley has pardoned five players, and it doesn’t sound like he’s willing to extend his mercy any further.


I am a crazy dreamer which I’ve always attributed to my rampant imagination. I dream very vivid dreams on most nights, in stark contrast to my partner who never ever dreams and if he does, he never remembers. I, on the other hand remember lots of things although on average memory is at its freshest right after waking up and then fades miraculously soon after. It’s only ever the most impressive, horrible or delightful dreams that stick with me longterm and honestly this dream business is as much a blessing as a curse at times. Dark dreams can overshadow my mood for the entire day to come – not very pleasant! On the other hand, nothing beats being woken up by your own laughter (and creeping out whoever may be in close proximity). I don’t place much meaning on dreams though; I’ve always interpreted them as “brain doing a clean-out or re-arranging furniture”. I’ve definitely had dreams in the past which were a direct consequence of intense experiences or stressful times, still dreams are ripples on the surface of our subconscious at best, without any indication of what’s to come. I believe as little in oneiromancy as in palm reading. Did you know that’s a word?

Anyway, it so happens that I’ve had one of the most fantastic gamer dreams ever only two nights ago and I’m still thinking about it. I’m having lots of cool gaming-related dreams of late, it must be a lucky streak! That particular one was so geeky and epic however, I just have to share it on this sunny Monday morning! Most people would give me funny looks over this but I feel this blog is a safe place to tell the tale.

“The Ultimate Escapism”

So, I am standing on the balcony of my apartment which happens to be a different apartment, but then dreams never seem to care for this type of accuracy. It’s a sunny day and I am looking down on the green lawn below. Suddenly, this tall and bulky male Troll warrior in full battle armor materializes out of thin air; he is lying on the grass quite relaxed, staring up at me. He is also an ingame character (as in WoW cartoon while me and the rest of the world are still erm photo-realistic). He’s winking at me while I’m trying to catch up with my brain. Next thing a shiny sword starts materializing beside him, followed by a Draenei, this time a woman, grasping it. Apparently they’re here to fetch me. And I’m late.

This is where the dream “zones” or makes a cut, or maybe I just don’t remember how I left the balcony. I’m now in company of these two mysterious figures leading me to a WoW style city, where numerous other game characters are fighting and training and basically doing MMO THINGS as I’m given a tour around. I end up being introduced to a cheerful troll girl with pink hair (she actually had a haircut that exists in the game…and tusks) who takes me to the inn. She had a name too but I’ve lost it.

Troll girl introduces me to her girlfriends at the inn and they’re talking about fashion (…). Apparently there’s a party later on and I’m not dressed for the occasion. Worse: I am still no cartoon figure! Immediately I’m taken to this lake where – wait for it – there’s a sort of fishing mini-game going on with small rafts. I have to compete against 7 other players and win the thing by collecting most items from the water.

And so I do! Victorious, I head back to the lobby (or whatever it was) and grab the reward sitting on a table. It’s a fairly lackluster cardboard box really and when I open it, there are several cockroaches swarming out (which I interpret as tokens for the losers). What’s left is a grey bushy tail.

(I’m not kidding! First I thought it was weird but then I remembered this…….)

The tail looks more like a short brush and is made of some cloth fabric (rather than real tail thank god). I’m supposed to eat it to complete the transformation to cartoon Syl. As I start chewing on the thing, the troll warrior from the beginning is back cheering at me. I’m still trying to gulp down what’s left, feeling strangely warm inside.

…And that’s when our neighbor from downstairs (I hate these people) rang at the door, waking me up. It’s SO cliché yet it’s nothing but the truth. And I never got to know what else would’ve happened in that strange dream land after becoming a WoW character, DOH! I went back and tried but re-connecting to dreams is virtually impossible. /sadface

Oh well. It was a wonderful dream nonetheless, a gamer’s dream. One that I got to share with you. Happy Monday everybody – and hang on to those dreams of yours!


Summer has finally found its way to my place which is why this week was generally dedicated to sudden-heat-lethargy and watching E3 streams until late, late into the night. Morning really. And how much fun that was when my entire twitterverse was watching the big Sony reveal this last Tuesday “together” – booing (who cares about the PS Vita?), cheering and mostly snickering for good reason.

It wasn’t hard to leverage on Microsoft’s recent lapses in regard to their Xbox ONE policies and general marketing angle, but Sony literally crushed their direct competitor at this year’s E3 in the notable absence of a Nintendo conference, leaving out nothing and taking shameless stabs at what the vocal public conceived as MS’ greatest transgressions. Sharing and always-online DRM issues aside, MS seemed to try appeal to a surprisingly limited demography and didn’t blow anyone away hoping for at least some diversity in terms of game leads in upcoming launch titles – an oversight that led Spinks to coin the term “XBrone”. E3 female protagonist spotlights: MS: zero / Sony: two.

Sony started their two-hour press conference stating how their target audience were video gamers first and foremost. From there, everything was a well-orchestrated and calculated effort of showing why the PS4 was the more appealing (and affordable) product for a wider gaming audience – men, women, casuals, hardcores, offliners, onliners, indie game lovers. And that last point makes a lot of sense; who in their right mind would leave the rising indie game market to platforms like Steam without a fight?

Sony delivered a political masterpiece at this E3, quick and not so subtle. Yet, as pointed out in this interesting article on buzzfeed, some of the fanboyism stirred by the console staredown feels gravely out of proportion. It bears reading the fine-print in Sony’s press conference. The PS4 isn’t marketed the way it is because they’re trying to win the BFF contest. In the end, we’re dealing with companies looking to maximize profits or as the article states “Sony versus Microsoft is not good versus evil. It’s money versus money”. To believe the XBox ONE is “done” at this point would be naive as we’re only standing at the beginning of a years-to-come battle for market shares. All the while, Nintendo is smiling because they’re likely going to “win” again anyway.

All that said, if I was to buy a next-generation console, it would most definitely be the PS4. As a commenter at buzzfeed observed, the PS4 is positioning itself as a diverse platform with a spirit for art and smaller projects (need I say Journey?) while being more inclusive to mature titles. Also: Square-Enix and Last Guardian hoping!

ArenaNet continue their ludicrous speed of releasing new mini-content and sadly also their penchant for inconsistent quality. Between wacky Halloween and a rather sobering Lost Shores event, the great Living Story and back-to-more-Karkas Darksun Cove update, I find myself presented with a lot more of the same at Dragon Bash and horribly mislead by what sounded like such an exciting new addition to the game. More mighty dragons to shoot down from the sky – more massive outdoor content? YES please! No?

This leads me to formulate the following GW2 events formula: a ton of achievements which can be finished in one or two days, more slightly frustrating arena-based minigames, random drops of something in a box, oh and back items and weapon skins! I can barely restrain myself. Also, dragon piñatas – now where have I heard that before?

Trion have officially given their free-to-play debut this June 12th and much will yet be discussed about how well they’ve made the switch, implemented ingame shops and most importantly, just how much (or how) that changes the general direction of the game – because that was going so well before. Positive as I remain on this matter, I’d like to think that not all that much will change for Telara as we’ve also seen with other MMOs going F2P half-way through in the past (as opposed to MMOs actually designed around the concept).

Belghast is one of the first to comment on his “new” Rift experiences and a rather enthusiastic early adopter by the looks. No doubt there are right and wrong ways to realize F2P in MMOs and as someone who wants to see games like Rift survive rather than disappear from the face of the market, I hope more people will follow in his general footsteps.